What is Phonics?

The first thing the children need is the sound. At around three, they have their own languages. We have to help them work out how to read. Phoneme means to speak the sound of a word e.g. c/a/t has three sounds. There are 44 phonemes in English language and 26 letters in the alphabets, to express that phonics. There are 98 different phonetic grasping associations. We are giving the keys to the sound of our language. The ability to hear the pitch sound is critical to the child’s ability to learn how to read and write. It is a critical skill how words are made. A lot of sounds are played in games and should form part of the children’s culture.

Reading & Writing
  • The first level is the foundation class. The children will learn and master the sounds of the alphabets before moving on to blend the CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) wordings. The children will learn the letters’ sound through LRTL Letters Sound Song. In my creation for the letters’ sound writing book, the children will relate to the first sound of each animal in the song. and write down the letter in the book. The foundation of the writing strokes is important and will be taught concurrently.
  • The second level will be the blending and reading of CVC books with sight words. There will be the writing work which will help to enhance their understanding of how words are formed as well as strengthening their reading skills.
  • The third level will be a combination of reading and writing work. The children will learn about digraphs. This is a transition from reading the CVC words, to four and more letters wordings.
  • The fourth level will be a continuation of digraph learning which include suffix, wording building, consonants blend, reading and writing work.
  • The fifth level will cover words families and rules in Phonics, reading and writing work.
  • The sixth level will cover comprehension reading, spelling and writing work. The child at this level should be a fluent and independent reader.

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