The Discovery Of The Child

Dr. Maria Montessori

Small children composed entire words, without being in need of having them repeated, as soon as they heard them dictated in a clear manner. This was the case also with long words, or with words that in themselves were incomprehensible to them, as foreign words. The children translated these words phonetically after having heard them only once. As soon as they had been pronounced clearly, they were translated into alphabetic signs on their table.

Maria Montessori, The Discovery Of The Child, p 252, l 24 – 31.

…the explosion into writing

Children who are able to retain a word and the corresponding alphabetical signs in their minds, as if it were sculpted or photographed, should be able to write and to read too. In fact, they are potentially able to do so. Their hand is trained and prepared for writing by means of ever so many exercises. Only an occasion is needed, a kind of magic touch that brings into actual, exterior reality, this inner potential capacity for writing.

Maria Montessori, The Discovery Of The Child, p 254 l 16 -22.

The Discovery Of The Child is one my favourite books by Dr. Maria Montessori, published by A Kalakshetra Publication.



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