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1 Yishun Avenue 9 768893, Singapore

About Catherine M.S. Lai

A.M.I Primary Trained Montessorian at Montessori Center of Minnesota

I have worked in the Montessori classrooms as a Directress in Minnesota, U.S.A, Central, Hong Kong, and Singapore for five years before moving on as a full-fledge Phonics, English and Math enrichment teacher since 2015. I am a licensed PA (People’s Association) Trainer teaching Phonics to preschoolers. I am currently teaching onsite Phonics in Ang Mo Kio, Fernvale Street, Circuit Road and Yishun. I conduct my online classes in Math, English Grammar, and Phonics when I am not working in the physical classrooms.

I have worked with almost a thousand children the past decade. Each and every child I have worked with, is different. But one thing in common, regardless of nationalities, they love to learn. It is an achievement at every level they have worked with me. The fruit of the spirit is seeing them able to read fluently and independently. The ability to read at an early age will help them learn more things in life.

During the circuit breaker in Singapore, I have made use of my time to create a new Letters Sound song and video, a Letters Sound Writing book (related to the song) and five CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) coloring storybooks. I will continue to create the rest of the Phonics books series during my free time. I hope my new creation will benefit the young  children who are beginning to learn the letters sound and blending the CVC words.

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God bless, always!